Popular DIY Church Fundraising Ideas and Event Fundraisers church fundraisers ideas

1) Easter Egg Hunt

This is an easy-to-organize church fundraiser that requires very little cost. All you need is an area with good hiding spots for the eggs, such as small forests and parks. Consider doing it in a pleasant local park so everyone can enjoy the views. You could even include a “golden egg” to add a little excitement and offer a little extra to whoever finds it.

Simply charge a small fee to participate and let the kids (and even parents) loose!

2) Text to give

A real game changer in the church fundraising industry. Text to give gives you the opportunity to raise money with a quick text to your supporters. Start by choosing the software for your campaign which will send a quick text to your supporters. They can donate in a matter of seconds, it just takes a few clicks!

People always have their phone with them, and rarely carry cash so this is a state of the art way to raise money in the 21st century. church fundraisers ideas

3) Peer to peer fundraising

People are more likely to support a cause or organization that someone they know personally is connected to. That’s why peer-to-peer fundraising is a great personalized approach to raising money.

Your church members can reach out to friends and family in a more personal manner that doesn’t feel forced. This will allow full transparency for the fundraising campaign and facilitate the possibility of someone lending their support.

4) Trivia Night

Invite your church members to a night of family fun at the church. Put together a series of questions on various topics. You can find everything you need online. You can save everything to a computer so it’s all ready for your event.

Simply charge a small entry fee. You can also set up a snack stand to generate additional funds. Designate a host for the evening and enjoy!

5) Garage Sale

A perfect reason for your church members to do a little decluttering of their homes. Ask members to go through some of their old belongings and put aside things they no longer need.

Set up tables in front of the church on a nice sunny day and invite your local community to check out all the goods. Better yet, you can set everything up during Sunday Service so your congregation can browse and buy as they leave the church.

6) Shoe Drive

Have your congregants donate some of their slightly used pairs of shoes to include in the shoe drive. Organize a drop off location that members can easily.

7) Charity Concert

Does your church have some congregants with special vocal talents? Then why not consider putting on a concert at a local public venue?

Whether you have a choir group, or congregants with musical talents, there are all kinds of options for members to get involved. Promote your event through social media and Invite the whole community Sell tickets at $5 to $10 each (or more), depending on the venue.

8) Babysitting Fundraiser

Parents often have a hard time finding time for a date night, or to just take time for themselves to unwind. That’s why a babysitting fundraiser makes so much sense!

All you need is a few volunteers available with a baby-sitting certification, to offer their services. Be clear about how many babysitters are available so as not to over-book time-slots.

Your congregants can pick the night and amount of time they’ll be needing the sitter, and enjoy some peace and quiet for a few hours. Charge $5-$10 per hour volunteered and have those funds donated to your church.

9) 50/50 Church Raffle

A simple and easy way to spark people’s interest in your fundraiser. Simply sell raffle tickets to your congregants and others in your community. Use social media to give daily updates on the rising jackpot to further spark interest.

On the date of the raffle, either in person to coincide with a special church event or simply through a Zoom call, have a 3rd party pull the winning name of the hat. The winner keeps half, and the other half goes to your church. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

10) Morning Coffee

Treat your early rising congregants to a hot cup of coffee and a little something sweet to go with it. Charge a small fee for the first cup, and allow free refills. Snacks can be sold for an extra nominal fee – something as simple as homemade cookies or muffins is all you need.

Not only is this fundraiser a great way to raise some quick funds on a weekly basis, it’s also a great opportunity for your congregants to socialize.

11) Church Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? A bake sale is a tried and true fundraiser that is almost guaranteed to be successful.

Have a few volunteers from your church whip up some of their favorite homemade recipes and bring in their treats for Sunday Service. Set-up a few tables with the treats, and once the service is done your congregants will surely be tempted to pick up a snack on their way out. Try asking for open donation amounts instead of a fixed price for your baked goods. It almost always raises much more!