How to Upgrade a L1B Visa to a L1A

There are no restrictions on how many L-1 visas can be approved annually. This ensures that your petition will not be rejected due to a lack of available visas. Several work visas are available to foreign professionals who want to work in the United States. Unfortunately, many of them have stringent criteria that are hard to fulfill. To the passport issuing location or visa collection facility you specified when making your visa interview appointment, your passport will be sent by courier service. Documents that demonstrate the ability of the transferee to conduct business in an executive position, such as a resume.
You may begin work for an employer while your application for a Social Security Number is pending. Before an SSN can be issued to you, the Social Security Administration must verify your nonimmigrant status with the Department of Homeland Security. It takes approximately 10 business days from the time you enter the United States for your entry data to be entered into DHS systems and made available for verification purposes.
Try to avoid any incomplete facts; it’s best to respond to inquiries completely. Yes, the employer can request an extension only once, and your L-1B visa’s validity period will be extended for another two years. Because of this, the maximum duration of this visa is five years.
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Under the L2 status, they can enjoy the same period of stay you enjoy. Note however that your children must be below 21 years old to qualify. Another path you may take in order to further shorten your processing time is utilizing the premium processing service for I-140 petitions, shortening the typical six-month processing time to a mere 15 calendar days. However, you cannot shorten the processing time of I-1485 from its usual length of between six to eight months.
The initial period of stay for those in H-1B status is three years, with extensions available for up to three years thereafter. You can only be granted an L-1B visa extension for a maximum period of five years. You can apply for an L1 visa extension under either the L-1A or L-1B categories.
Unlike H-1B, L1 is given to managerial, executive, or specialized occupations. You can apply for an L1 Visa if you will work for a multinational company, in a lead or key position. In other words, you will transfer to the US branch of an overseas company in which you have been employed previously. In most cases, your permanent residence will be granted within 8 – 14 months of filing your form I-485. In some cases, permanent residence status may be granted at the completion of your adjustment of status interview, but this is not typical. If you have an L1A visa, your eligibility requirements for your green card fall into the EB1C category.
If you wish to stay longer, you may need to convert it to L1A Visa. The amount of time it will take to obtain the L-1 visa is mainly determined by how difficult it is to supply the necessary documentation. Functional manager – Where the person oversees an autonomous unit, such as research and development, who may not have any people underneath them but will work hand-in-hand with other sections of the company. l1b visa of the beneficiary that is coming to the U.S. must meet the specified criteria.
If you have any other questions about H1B Visas and how to get one, an HB1 lawyer at Ybarra Maldonado Law Group can help. We are a group of experienced Phoenix attorneys who remain committed to protecting the Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities in Arizona. SEVIS stands for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. This system contains information about all F-1 and M-1 students who go to school in the United States.